Where it began

There is a ‘pre-story’ to Badge Base which I now come to realise wasfundamental to how and even why, it came to be. At the Commonwealth GamesManchester 2002 during a walk around the Merchandise Store at the City ofManchester Stadium I was captivated by the array of Games Pin Badgesavailable. These small, colourful, intricate and finely shaped metal mementoeson their Official Backing Cards were without doubt where my Passion for Pinsbegan and then grew as I started to trawl the internet to find and add to mycollection, rare and aged Olympic Pin Badges.

Where it started, was during a half term holiday following an event in school theweek before where we’d produced some button badges for a Literacy event anda student had remarked ‘I’d pay money for one of those Miss!” The hook therefor me, beyond my own slight obsession with badges was the acknowledgementof the delight that a small badge could bring to someone. So, with a modestbudget of £135.00 I decided to order a Button Badge machine and some badgecomponents. From the laptop and printer in my son’s bedroom and badgemachine in our spare room, Badge Base was born.

Reasons to Order with Us

18 years later, Badge Base is a trusted maker of Enamel Pins, Button Badges andCustom Merchandise with professional design, specialist advice and CustomerService all of which goes that ‘extra mile’.

We think it’s helpful for you to know that we know our products inside out, arehighly experienced in Project Management, responsive communicators andensure that your journey with us is one to remember for all the right reasons. Thepersonal touches we believe are important in our relationship with you extendfrom our ongoing progress in being single-use plastic free, right through to theway in which we present and package your order.

Specialist production, ethically sourced materials, excellent lead times, FREE UKDelivery and fast delivery worldwide connecting with 220 countries result inmuch repeat business and indicate a high level of customer confidence in us.

We are enormously proud to work with global brands, household names and awide range of hugely talented Creatives.

The ethos at Badge Base is echoed by Caroline’s passion for Pins as wegenuinely are as excited to see today each new badge we produce come tofruition, as we were yesterday, the day before, the day before that …adinfinitum.