3D Badges

3D Badges are Die Cast to give a detailed 3 dimensional badge favoured by the Rescue Services…



Received pin badges yesterday. Huge thank you to you for the great service.

Pin Badges in the main are made in 2D – they have a flat finish. It is possible to create a 3D Pin Badge where the surface is raised and this is achieved my making a die cast which enhances the shape and detail and produces a Bespoke Pin Badge with a 3 dimensional effect.

​Like our Die Struck Pin Badges, 3D Badges can be produced in a wide range of metal effects, from polished to antique and brushed to satin. We can also add enamel to 3D badges and a range of attachments ranging from a standard pin and clasp to fixings for caps and wallets.

We are happy to advise you of the options available for custom 3D Pin Badges according to your requirements.


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